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xtrinsek asked: Sir, I have noticed that the straight Alphas usually have bigger dicks. But even if it is not the case they are always proud of their dicks and have powerful hard-ons. I'm not. I have a 6 inches cut cock and i tend to believe every other guys have larger dicks than me. Sometimes gay guys tell me that they like my cock. And i'm not sure if i believe them or not. Why is that, Sir?



A 6” dick on a faggot is more like a 4” dick because it rarely stays hard (unless serving a straight guy) due to a faggot’s immense internal shame. Faggots have trouble knowing whether they should have a dick or not.

Straight white men are proud of their cocks and because of their massive quantity of testosterone they are confident and their cocks are rock hard. A 6” dick on a straight white guy could look like 8” given his strut and attitude. Faggots just can’t pull that shit off.

This discrepancy extends to pissing and shooting a load. Faggots have pathetic weak piss streams where straight guys piss like horses. Straight guys shoot massive thick hot loads where faggots often dribble with cum that’s watery.

There is NO comparison.

Well placed.

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This guy is so turned on - you will be too.  Sooooo masculine.